North Jersey Avalanche


18u Iorio

Lexi Corra


What you should expect:

  • To play in approximately (4-6) tournaments in the Spring/Summer (April-July)
  • To play in approximately (4-6) tournaments in the Fall (September-October)
  • To attend practices outdoors (weather permitting) 1-2 times a week (Sunday’s)
  • To have optional batting practices at an indoor facility that you pay when you attend
  • To participate in 7 weeks of training in the winter (Saturday nights) (January-February)
  • A Team Parent will be appointed to expedite all communication between the coach and the players/families and the organization
  • Coaches will give you tournament schedule as soon as it is available
  • Team Parent will tell you uniform selection of the day
  • Hotel blocks will be set up for the team (if needed)
  • Game Changer membership

What we expect of you:

  • To be on time and prepared for all games and practices
  • To bring a positive attitude to all games and practices
  • To give 100%... always
  • To be respectful of your coach(es), teammates and parents at all times.
  • To inform coaches if you are unable to attend any games and practices as soon as possible.
  • To book your hotels in a timely manner
  • To provide the Team Parent or Coach with a copy of your birth certificate before play starts


*Fees include insurance, trainer’s salaries, training equipment, field rentals and tournaments

**Fees do NOT include Uniforms or Player/Family Travel Expenses

Uniform Fees include:  (3) uniform shirts, (2) navy blue Mizuno pants – white piping and carolina piping (number embroidered on left leg), (3) pairs of socks – white , pink, and Carolina, (3) belts – white, Carolina, and pink,  (1) Avalanche Helmet, (1) Avalanche Bat bag/Catcher’s bag – Cost is $445

Refund - Registrations moving forward, initial payment is a non-refundable deposit.
If a player should leave on their choice, money is non-refundable, but if it is the Avalanche's decision or through the disbanding of a team, the money will be prorated to cover any and all expenses incurred to that point.

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Brescia, Daniela 15 1B/OF 2023
Callahan, Lexi 5 3B 2024
DiSerio, Nikki 4 SS/2B 2023
Kristoff, Kira 39 OF/C 2026
Larsen, Juliet 9 3B/2B/OF 2024
Latch, Elisabeth 42 1B/3B 2027
Pagano, Macy 21 C/3B/OF  2023
Paglieri, Jaclyn 27 P/IF/OF 2023
Parisi, Sophia 18 P/OF 2025
White, Cassidy 99 P/OF 2024
6/3-4Lady Dukes Beat the Best to be the BestFlemington/Hillsboro
6/10-11East Coast Summer Showcase Pennsville
6/15-17PennsburySellersville, Newtown, Ewing (NJ)
6/22-23Xtreme Dimensions – Triple CrownEwing, Newtown, PA
6/28-7/2 TNT Quakertown, Sellersville, Allentown, Telford 
7/15-16Grand Slam Elite ShowcaseWilmington, DE
7/21-23Super 48 ShowcaseWestampton/Mt. Laurel
7/26-30Triple CrownMyrtle Beach, SC